Are there in Spain sworn translators for all languages?

It makes us days have received the call from a surprised customer because I needed a certified translation from Hebrew to Spanish but it was unaware of the existence of such figure in Spain. Our response, weird as it may seem, was affirmative: Yes, in Translation Company have a sworn translator of Hebrew. The thread of this story, the following question arises:

Are there in Spain sworn translators for all languages?

Currently estimated that worldwide are spoken among some 3,000 to 5,000 languages, of which only 600 feature with more than 100,000 speakers, which is considered the minimum to ensure your "survival".

Logically, it is impossible to have an as large number of sworn translators, however, this does not preclude having a great combination of languages, largely European languages that have this figure named by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Specifically, the Spanish body responsible for determining the languages that have sworn translators is the Office of interpretation of tongues (OIL), dependent of the MAE. For the preparation of the list of languages available for the realization of a translation sworn in Spain have considered various factors as the geographical proximity of the countries, recognition of the figure of the translator jury in the country of language goal, commercial, economic, historical, political and international relations between Spain and the country in question or the migratory flow , among others. These data tell us that such offer evolves over time and varies depending on the language demand.

For example, the co-official languages were not part of this list in the beginning and gradually have been incorporated in recent years the most popular catalan, Galician and Basque languages.

Languages in Spain with sworn translators

Then we offer you the complete list of the languages that are currently in Spain with qualified translators:

    As you can see, there are some co-official languages as Valencian, which do not have translators juries. This is no problem, because it is possible to request the issuance of the document to be translated into the official language (in our case Spanish) to the relevant body and facilitate it without any problem.

    Similarly, for those foreign languages not included in the previous statement, we also have a solution: make bridge, a translation from the original language to which sworn translator there is language (usually English or French) bridge and into the language of the requested destination, with total validity. For more information on the process carried out a translation bridge, check out our articlewhat is a translation bridge ?.

    If you need a certified your documentation translation and are not sure of its presence in the list of translators and interpreters jury appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer your queries, of course, in several languages.