Translation of Birth Certificate

Translation of birth certificate has always covered topics and very varied from a work of literature until a medical certificate documents. However, one of the most sought after, birth certificate, is, in turn, one that most translation difficulties presented.

A birth certificate is our first touchdown with an identity document. As reported by the Spanish Ministry of Justice , the birth certificate is 'the document issued by the corresponding Consular or Civil Registrar, which attests to the fact of birth, date, place, sex and time occurred the birth and filiation of the registered'.

The person concerned (with certain exceptions) you can request this or any other duly authorized person.

Birth Certificate Utilities


  •     Get the nationality;
  •     Request ID;
  •     Register with the Social security scheme;
  •     A civil wedding.

Thus, the translation of this type of certificate will also go to obtaining nationality, application for social aid, marriages. With such varied objectives, the translation process contains the real difficulties of the transition from the original certificate to the target.
Difficulties that the translator can be found in the birth certificate.

In the French-Spanish linguistic combination case, the input of such documents presents a wide range: France, Morocco, Senegal, the Congo... Today, and thanks to the technological advances, some of these countries has facilitated the elaboration of these documents more understandable. However, another significant part of these countries continue even drafted them in handwritten form.

With respect to this detail, one of the main obstacles to which the translator is when you receive a handwritten certificate is illegibility: understanding is at 100%?, is your reading quickly and easily? Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, the answer to such questions is not.

Another important point to keep in mind is the date of birth that appears of the person concerned. Some French-speaking countries of the African continent have very complicated access to relevant records, so it may take days, weeks or, simply, not to get up to last longer.

Some of the birth certificates that are issued from these countries, can match the day as in the month of birth. For the same reason, throughout the document may appear several different dates, something which would doubt the translator and may prevent that translation is adequate.

In addition to these examples of problems that the translator is located, they may appear otherwise. You should pay special attention to those errors that were committed and which were corrected and, again, reescritos. This could interfere with reading and, of course, their translation.

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Once solved these problems comes to send the document to its destination.
In official translators we have the experience you need to deal with these obstacles. Bring your birth certificate, and you will get the quality translation you need and in the best possible time.