PDF to DWG to the Rescue

Manufacturing and Engineering firms all around the globe rely on designs. These designs bear the form of items to come and therefore are detailed in each and every property and configuration from the product/property/technology they illustrate.

Although, today's world depends upon computers and CAD programs to produce and edit these designs, there still are lots of paper, film, and vellum based sketches which require management and handling in nearly every organization.

Why handle old sketches?

Simply because they are old / legacy sketches, it doesn't will continue to mean that they're 'useless'. Building's, Structures, Machines from the yesteryears continue to be virtually being used and functional today too. Consider getting to eliminate all of the bridges around the globe, simply because their sketches take presctiption paper?

Problem of handling Physical sketches

Physical sketches (individuals according to paper, film, vellum kinds of media) also find a large amount of space for storage and management efforts because unless of course stored and managed correctly, they'd be practically untraceable at occasions of need.

Existence from the physical storage medium

The existence and durability of mediums like paper, blue prints, tracings, etc. have lengthy been one other issue faced by many people engineering and manufacturing firms worldwide.

Checking these to Digital / TIF / PDF format

Among the methods to this issue provided by old/legacy sketches is to get them all scanned into TIF / Digital / PDF formats to enable them to be stored digitally and also the handling and sorting abilities be improved because of the utilization of document management tools available using the pc.

Raster based sketches are largely united nations-editable

There still exists one significant problem with scanned sketches which are kept in Digital / TIF / PDF formats, the issue of easily editing these sketches for that many revisions and changes that should be performed with time. These changes are closely related to additions and revisions, that are important to occur with time.


One service which has arrived at the save of those engineering and manufacturing firms globally is PDF to DWG conversions. This particular service helps perform accurate conversions of scanned formats like PDF, Tif and Digital to accurate and simply editable CAD sketches.

These CAD sketches are delivered in CAD formats like DWG, DXF, etc. to enable them to easily be opened up in popular CAD tools and edited just like a normal CAD drafted drawing. Simple and easy , normal editing options result in the sketches perfect replacements of the paper based legacy, thus resulting in easy storage, handling, and editing too.

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